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Art Advising Information

Art Major Entrance Requirements: The student must complete one year of full-time study (24 credits minimum) or 32 credits as a part-time student. In addition, a student interested in the Art major should meet with a member of the Art faculty prior to declaring. Declaration requires a student to complete a four-question survey.

  • General Advising Information: PDF documents specific to this program are provided below. The full course catalog, policies, textbook information, and other resources are available from the Office of the Registrar.

    For additional advising information, contact your academic advisor or visit the advising page on myWLC (log-in required). Course offerings are subject to change due to staffing, curriculum changes, or course enrollment numbers.

    • Students entering the Art Major program should consider the following:
    • Enroll in 2D and 3D Design during the freshman year. These courses introduce students to the fundamental principles and language of art.
    • Enroll in Drawing I during the first semester of the freshman year.
    • Note the rotation of courses offered. Some courses are only scheduled every other year, some every third year.
    • Students pursuing a degree in Art Education should consider taking a variety of studio courses. You will also be required to do observation and field work in art settings with children. Keep a record of all experiences done outside of the school year.
    • Students considering graduate school art need to build a strong portfolio. Students are advised to select a studio concentration and take advanced level studios in this area. Although the Art Major is a 40 credit program, additional credits are encouraged to build the portfolio and develop art skills.
    • Internships are recommended for all Art Majors. Schedule an appointment with a member of the Art Department during your sophomore year to discuss options. Internships are taken during either the junior or senior year.

    Honors Convocation Awards

    The Vision Award is presented to a freshman or sophomore art student displaying outstanding discipline, involvement and promise in the field of art.

    The Golden Palette Award acknowledges the pursuit of artistic discipline and the application of art skills in contribution to the college and community. It is presented to a junior or senior art major.

    Gerald and Georgia Brommer Art Scholarship

    The Gerald and Georgia Brommer Art Scholarship is awarded to a senior art major. The student is chosen during their junior year. Students are judged on the following criteria:

    • dedication and adherence to Christian ideals in the life of the student,
    • artistic skills in his or her chosen area of art,
    • dedication to art (fine art production, graphic design, art education and/or art history) as a vital element in the Christian life (that is, a sense of personal commitment to the field of art and a dedication to personal growth in art).