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Master of Arts - Special Education

Wisconsin Lutheran College offers a Master of Arts degree in two specializations focused on special education. Students can elect to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Special Education Leadership or a Master of Arts degree in Cross-Categorical Special Education.

  • Students enrolled in our educational master's programs will enhance their cognitive, analytical, and reflective thinking skills through research in education theory, practice, and psychology. Technological applications and leadership opportunities are integrated throughout our curriculum.

    M.A. in Special Education Leadership

    The Special Education Leadership specialization provides an appropriate degree for mid-career special education professionals interested in meeting the leadership challenge of guiding, mentoring, and shaping special education programs to positively impact student achievement on the elementary, middle, or secondary levels. This specialization focuses on high performance research, practical models, and data-driven decision-making. Candidates must be prepared to participate in practical experiences, teacher performance assessments, and results-oriented expectations and become fully immersed in the legal and ethical standards that govern special education programs. The special education leadership concentration in the Master of Arts program provides the opportunity to receive an administration license (Director of Special Education license #5080) through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).         

    M.A. in Cross-Categorical Special Education

    The Cross-Categorical Special Education specialization prepares candidates to utilize a variety of theoretical and research based practices to enable students with disabilities to reach their full potential. Moreover, candidates gain experience in the varied settings and roles of the special educator, including expanding consulting and collaborative roles in the inclusive classroom. 

    License Opportunities

    The program provides candidates an opportunity to complete the necessary coursework for licensure as a Special Education Teacher in Cross-Categorical Special Education (WI #801), along with concentration in the area of specific learning disability (WI #811-LD). The program is offered as dual certification in alignment with regular education teacher licensure for MC/EA or EA/A. Candidates who already possess a regular educator license may pursue this program as an additional license; those without the regular teacher license must complete the dual licensure requirements.