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Sibylle G. Krause

Sibylle Krause image

Assistant Professor of German



  • Education

    Master of Arts, Foreign Language and Literature, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, 1999
    Bachelor of Arts,
    Elementary Education, Glenville State College, Glenville, WV, 1986 
    Associate of Arts,
    Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, WI, 1983 
    Abitur (Diploma),
    Humboldt Gymnasium, Bad Homburg, Federal Republic of Germany, 1980
    Wisconsin Teaching License
    Wisconsin Synod Teaching Certification


    As a German native I am very passionate about helping students get to know and love the German language and culture. I try to accomplish this by using the language with the students both inside and outside of the classroom. Yearly we visit German restaurants as well as the German Immersion School in Milwaukee, the Christkindl Markt in Chicago, and I also plan many other activities in which my students can practice their language skills and learn about German traditions. 

    During my time here at Wisconsin Lutheran College I have promoted the German program by introducing various German majors and minors and by encouraging my students to study abroad. In addition, I and another professor have led study tours to various European countries.

    I am married to Richard, a pastor in the WELS. Our children Elizabeth, Jacob, Lydia, and Maria are all alumni of WLC. Having grown up in a German environment they still enjoy their close contacts with many of their German cousins. Besides my family and teaching, I enjoy reading, hiking, biking, swimming, and traveling. In fact, my husband and I regularly lead tours to countries all over the world such as Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Israel, Egypt, and China.

    Research Interests

    As a teacher, I am interested in Content- or Theme-Based instruction. I regularly include other academic content material in my courses which I teach in German. In addition I also require students to find German language sources for projects in other subject areas such as in art, history, math, etc.

    Another area of interest is the connection I have fostered between German and Business. A number of years ago I introduced the German for International Business major at WLC. Wisconsin, with its German heritage and its many business connections, lends itself especially well to this major.


    • GER 101 Elementary German 1
    • GER 102 Elementary German 2
    • GER 201 Intermediate German 1
    • GER 202 Intermediate German 2
    • GER 311 Advanced German Composition, Conversation, & Culture 1
    • GER 312 Advanced German Composition, Conversation, & Culture 2
    • GER 321 Introduction to German Literature 1
    • GER 322 Introduction to German Literature 2
    • GER 323 Introduction to German Literature 3
    • GER 350 Intensive German Grammar
    • GER 360 German for International Business Communication
    • GER 375 Phonology and Phonetics
    • GER 391 Travel Course (Europe)
    • GER 491 Seminar in Selected Topics
    • GER 495 Senior Thesis (offered as needed as an independent study)

    Scholarly Works

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     In conjunction with Dr. Richard Krause

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    • Secretary of the Global Learning Committee
    • Coordinator and leader for Study Abroad Preparation Sessions for students
    • Adviser for the German Club and the Rock Climbing Club
    • Leader of student trips to Europe
    • Tour leader (in conjunction with my husband) for group trips around the whole world

    Professional Memberships and Affiliations

    • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL)
    • American Association of Teachers of German (AATG)
    • Wisconsin Association of Foreign Language Teachers (WAFLT)