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Foreign Language Placement Exam

Welcome! ¬°Bienvenidos! Herzlich Willkommen! On behalf of the foreign language faculty of Wisconsin Lutheran College, we congratulate you on becoming a WLC student. To determine your foreign language ability, we are offering a user-friendly online placement test. The password for the exam is warriors.


  • If you have taken two or more years of either German or Spanish and you plan to continue your language studies at Wisconsin Lutheran College, you will need to complete a foreign language placement test.

    If you have taken less than two years of German or Spanish, a different foreign language, or have no foreign language background, you do not need to take a placement test.

    The Webcape Placement Exam is designed to evaluate your language skill level in order to place you into the correct course. This exam can be taken anywhere that has internet access - at home, at the public library, or on the WLC campus. Please allow 45 minutes to complete the exam, although for most people it will not take more than 30 minutes. You must complete the test in one sitting; you will not be able to save and finish later.

    Access the test using the button at the top of this page, then enter the password: warriors. After completing the exam, notify WLC via email that you have completed the test. Students taking the Spanish test should email Prof. Schmiege, while those taking the German test should email Prof. Krause.

    We encourage you to take this exam as soon as possible. This will give us a better indication of your current language ability and allows you to make any needed adjustments to your fall schedule in advance. If you have any questions regarding the placement test or the Spanish or German programs, please feel free to email us.