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Health Forms

WLC Health Services uses Medicat, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, to securely store student health records. Prior to arriving on campus, all incoming students are required to submit health forms as indicated on the student portal. All returning students are required to update their forms as applicable each year.




    • Access the Medicat Student Portal:
    • Log-in using the first part of your WLC email address (first name.last name) and password.
      • Use only the first 20 characters if you have a long name.
    • All forms and required documents are hyperlinked. Additionally, you can use the dashboard tabs found across the top to navigate to different areas of the student portal (forms, immunizations, insurance, etc.).
    • Carefully read the directions for each of the required forms and upload appropriate documentation as indicated.


    All undergraduate WLC students are required to submit the following health forms and applicable documentation. Student-athletes must submit additional athletic forms as indicated in the student portal.

    • Health History Form: Note that if you have a chronic health condition (as indicated on the form) or take prescription medication, a recent physical exam should be submitted.
    • Immunization Records: Dates of your past immunizations will need to be entered and appropriate documentation uploaded.
    • Personal Health Insurance: Upload a picture of the front and back of your insurance card. Be sure the uploaded images are clear. We recommend that you save the image or have a copy in case you need it.

    NOTE: Any student under 18 years of age at the start of classes must have a parent/guardian complete the Consent for Treatment of a Minor  form prior to receiving medical treatment at WLC Health Services. This form can be accessed through the Medicat Student Portal link and then printed, signed, and returned to Health Services.  


    NOTE: It takes the system 10-20 seconds to connect, and you may need to re-enter your login. The system is searching thousands of names, so it takes a bit more time.

    • Use a computer to access the portal - not a mobile device - if at all possible.
    • Verify that you are using only your FirstName.LastName and not your whole email address. (Only use the first 20 characters if you have a longer name.)
    • If you receive an “invalid username/password” message, it is likely due to an expired password.
      • Change your password at
        • If you receive an error message regarding your username and/or password from that site, then it needs to be reset with the assistance of WLC Technology. Email, or call 414.443.8911. They will need your Warrior OneCard number and phone number to complete that process.
      • Wait 15 minutes and try Medicat again.
    • If you receive an “OOPS! That wasn't supposed to happen” message, look at the top right of your screen and verify that your name is in a blue box. Then you are actually logged in and should be able to see a “home” tab to select.  
    • If you have changed your password and are still having difficulties, verify that you are registered for classes by logging to your myWLC account.
    • If your information is incorrect or missing (address, phone number, emergency contact), you must contact to update that information. Demographic changes made in Medicat will not be saved.
    • If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, contact, or call 414.443.8630.


    • Providing you with greater security concerning your personal health information, including the ability to send and receive secure messages.
    • Affording you with electronic access to your own health records, which can then be downloaded if/when information is needed for internships, clinical experiences, etc.
    • Give you the ability to update/edit your information and health records as needed.
    • Providing you with continuity of care when a release is signed between applicable departments such as Counseling, Sports Medicine, Student Support & Disability Services, etc.
    • Allowing for accurate health records while utilizing one system.
    • Tracking compliance/health conditions/visits/vaccines/etc. in a more efficient and confidential manner.
    • Self-scheduling for appointments.


    The staff at WLC Health Services provides confidential services practicing within professional ethics and laws that protect your privacy. Health Services will maintain the privacy of your PHI as required by law and provide you with the opportunity to review our Privacy Practices

    When information is needed to be exchanged, you will need to sign the Release of Information Form.

    Additional information can be found at To speak about a concern, please contact Jackie Kacmarynski, Director of Health Services at 414.443.8549 or email