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Parking on Campus

Wisconsin Lutheran College is a residential campus in a suburban setting. Parking on campus is limited; permits are required in most lots. When parking on area streets, please follow the posted parking regulations. Even where not posted, we encourage drivers to park on only one side of neighborhood streets to ensure motor vehicle and pedestrian safety in the neighborhoods surrounding our campus.


    If a parking space has been reserved for a guest, the guest should locate their designated space on the Front Circle at 8800 W. Bluemound Road in front of the Gary J. Greenfield Administration Building. Visitors may also use street parking; please follow the posted parking regulations.

    See the front-desk receptionist in the Greenfield Administration Building if you need specific directions on campus or check the campus map.

    For some special events on campus, the Parking Center (8701 W. Wisconsin Avenue) may be open for visitor parking.

    Campus visitors who park legally but receive a parking citation from WLC should immediately present the citation to the faculty/staff member or WLC student they were visiting. The faculty/staff member or student will forward the citation with an explanation to Public Safety.


    Wisconsin Lutheran College is a residential campus, and its students, faculty, and staff are asked to support and help enforce the following parking policy to ensure that all vehicles are being used and parked properly. The students of WLC are expected to follow these Parking Guidelines. The Parking Guidelines and subsequent policies are administered by Trinity Home Group (THG) and their Public Safety division and is in effect the entire calendar year, 24/7. Wisconsin Lutheran College reserves the right to ticket, boot, and tow violators in an attempt to enforce these guidelines/policies.

    Student Parking Guidelines



    ALL motor vehicles  (including motorcycles, mopeds and scooters) must be registered with THG and display a current parking permit. Note: permanent storage of personal motor vehicles or personal equipment is not permitted. 

    Vehicles must be parked ONLY in their permitted lots.

    To utilize the Parking Center, vehicles must have a valid parking permit.

    Student Parking Permit applications returned by May 15 for the Fall Semester will be considered to be on time. Applications received that are incomplete will not be processed. Applications received after May 15 will be considered as received, but applications received on time will be given priority consideration.

    Commuters: Parking is available for all commuters from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. on a first-come, first-served basis in the Parking Center on Wisconsin Avenue. A copy of the vehicle's registration and a valid driver's license are required to obtain an annual permit.

    • A $5.00 annual fee covers registration and permit (rear window, static cling) with the THG Office Manager. 
    • All personal vehicles must be removed from campus during Christmas and summer breaks unless otherwise arranged with Public Safety.

    Residents: Parking is available to residents as permitted in residence halls, apartment lots, and driveways of WLC homes occupied by students on a first-come, first-served basis. A copy of the vehicle's registration and a valid driver's license are required to obtain an annual permit. 

    • Resident students will NOT be assigned parking in the Recreation Complex lot or in Generac Hall parking. 
    • The cost for parking registration and permit is based upon the rates set in the annual Student Vehicle Parking Permit Application
    • Annual registration and permits (rear window, static cling) are obtained from THG. 
    • Students receive first-come, first-served parking with upperclassmen having priority in the process.
    • Resident freshmen receive last preference for available parking on campus.
    • All personal vehicles must be removed from campus during Christmas and summer breaks unless otherwise arranged with Public Safety.

    Overnight Visitor Parking:  A visitor must  be permitted by an RA/RC to stay on campus overnight.  

    • The Res Life staff member will notify Public Safety (414.443.8500) of the overnight visitor.
    • The visitor will obtain an overnight guest pass from Public Safety.  
    • The visitor will park in the Recreation Complex lot unless the visitor is a permitted commuter student. A permitted commuter student will keep their car overnight in the Parking Center.

    Temporary Parking for Residents:  Resident students NOT assigned a permanent parking permit may be issued a temporary permit for the Recreation Complex surface lot through THG (subject to space availability for a maximum of 7 days).

    Registration of Vehicles

    ALL students, faculty, and staff parking on campus must register their vehicles with the THG Office Manager by providing the following information:

    • name
    • email address
    • phone number 
    • vehicle make/model/color
    • license plate - state and number
    • copy of vehicle's registration
    • display of valid driver's license

    Parking Center

    • First-come, first-served parking is reserved as assigned for commuters, faculty, staff, and college vehicles (registered and permitted) plus guests of the college during designated campus events.
    • For security purposes, the Parking Center will be closed from 2 to 6 a.m.
    • For maintenance purposes, the Parking Center will be closed as needed.
    • Permitted cars may be parked overnight, but Public Safety must be notified (414.443.8500).
    • Commuters staying overnight on campus must be processed through an RA/RC and obtain an overnight guest pass from Public Safety (not to exceed 7 days per semester).
    • The college will accommodate parking emergencies by asking individuals to move vehicles off the street or college surface lots and into the Parking Center (e.g. snow emergency).

    Greenfield Administration Building Front Circle (weekdays)

    • Visitor parking ONLY: 6 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    • Open parking (outside of reserved spaces): 3:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.
    • NO PARKING: 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.
    • Parking for visitors can be arranged through THG (414.443.8500).


    The following permit or parking violations will result in a parking citation being issued.

    1. Failure to have permit visibly affixed parking permit at all times.
    2. Any vehicle that has accumulated more than five citations will have the vehicle permit revoked. Revocation of a parking permit for violations of the motor vehicle policy will not entitle the student to a refund of the permit cost.
    3. Failure to clear outstanding parking fines shall be grounds to deny future parking permits; registration and transcripts may be withheld.
    4. Failure to park only in the area designated by the parking permit.
    5. Parking in a handicap stall without a proper handicap permit.
    6. Parking on or over a stall line (parking in two spaces).
    7. No vehicle shall be driven on sidewalks, grass, or in fire lanes.
    8. Any vehicle parked on campus that is not displaying a current parking permit.
    9. The local police department may ticket unregistered vehicles in campus lots that have permit restriction signs, as well as any vehicle parked in a handicapped spot without a proper handicap permit.
    10. Parking in a reserved or designated reserved space/area.

    Citation Payment

    The registered permit holder shall be held responsible for all citations written on the vehicle whether or not the permit holder parked the vehicle. All parking fines shall be paid to the Business Office within seven school days. After seven days the $15 fine will increase to $30 and the right to appeal will be forfeited. If a citation is not paid within seven schools days, the citation will be automatically turned over to the Business Office and added to the student's bill.

    Right to Appeal

    An appeal of a citation must be filed with Public Safety within seven days from the date the citation was issued or the right to appeal will be forfeited and the amount of the fine increased and billed. A parking violation appeal form may be picked up at the Public Safety Office or the Office of Student Life. This form should be filled out and returned to the Public Safety Office. The decision on the appeal is final and there are no further appeal options.


    Towing can occur to:

    1. Any vehicle that is illegally parked that poses a traffic hazard.
    2. Any vehicle that is illegally parked in an area designated "no parking" or "fire lane."
    3. Any vehicle that is not registered or is parked without a permit.
    4. Any vehicle that is left on a campus surface lot during snow emergencies.


    Parking Regulations of Milwaukee and Wauwatosa

    The City of Milwaukee and the City of Wauwatosa have a variety of parking regulations.

    Milwaukee: To obtain the posted parking regulations for a specific street go to Street Parking Regulations. This site only includes parking regulations that are posted. Note: Most residential streets have alternate side night parking throughout the year with a valid night parking permit or night parking permission. These streets are not posted. However, there are a number of streets that are exceptions to the night parking rule. Please go to Winter Parking for more information on these exceptions or go to Winter Parking Regulations page for a list of streets. These streets are not posted.

    Wauwatosa: There is no overnight parking on any street between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., including holidays and weekends. Overnight Parking Permission is limited to guests, stalled vehicles, and vehicles affected by a construction project which makes off street parking impossible. In a Snow Emergency, no overnight parking permission will be granted, and all existing overnight parking permissions shall also be null and void. Even where not posted, we encourage resident and commuter students to park on only one side of neighborhood streets to ensure motor vehicle and pedestrian safety in the neighborhoods surrounding our campus.