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Warrior Orientation and Welcome

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Warrior Orientation and Welcome (WOW) is a series of events designed to introduce you and your family to life at WLC. We'll connect you with key people who will work with you to ensure you have a successful start in college, help you learn about all WLC has to offer, and show you fun things to do in the Milwaukee area. God's blessings on the beginning of your journey at WLC!

A required three-day orientation event is held for new students prior to the start of classes in August. A required one-day orientation session is held for new students prior to the start of classes in January.

  • All new Fall 2022 WLC students are required to attend WOW Weekend, which will take place August 26-28, 2022. If you have questions about WOW Weekend, please contact Barb Westness, Director of Student Programming and New Student Orientation, at 414.443.8813, or email her.



    Resources for New Students

    The Fall 2022 Warrior Orientation & Welcome Weekend is scheduled to take place August 26-28. Mailings and resources for new students will be linked below as they are released during the summer.



    WOW Mailings

    July 29, 2022

    July 22, 2022

    July 15, 2022

    July 8, 2022

    May 26, 2022

    May 16, 2022

    Contact Us

    • CONTACT: Barb Westness, Director of Student Programming and New Student Orientation
    • PHONE: 414.443.8813
    • EMAIL:


    Dining Options - learn about food service on campus

    Directions to WLC - find the best route to campus

    E-Bill Tutorial - contains information for students and parents about viewing and paying E-Bills

    Email Tutorial - contains log-in information for new students as well as info on deleting old messages

    Financial Aid - contact the office with questions or learn about loans and Work Study

    Health Services - find out about physical and mental health resources and services

    Milwaukee-Area Information - restaurants, hotels, attractions

    myWLC and Registration Guide - navigate the portal and check your class schedule

    Packing List - a compilation of items that you may need in your residence hall room

    Payment Options - learn about undergraduate payment plans and options

    Residence Life - learn about housing options on campus

    Student Handbook - rules, regulations, and resources for undergraduate students


    • WLC has a discount with Dell (Dell Member Purchase Program; Member ID: US29313411). We aren't recommending that you purchase a Dell, but you can use the Dell site as a starting point to compare costs. The best advice is to go to a store that sells laptops and literally handle the demos. Find what you like regarding laptop size and weight. You can compare it with the Dell site to be sure you aren't being overcharged. 
    • Apple offers small education/student discounts on Mac devices (Apple Education Store).
    • Reduced cost Microsoft, Adobe, and other software products are available to all faculty, staff, and students through an arrangement with JourneyEd. Visit the JourneyEd website and select Wisconsin Lutheran College from the drop-down list at the bottom to start the process.


    Typically most new computers have sufficient power and storage for college students. You will need Microsoft Office 365, which is free through WLC; see information below. 

    Generally these are good options for student computers:

    • HARD DRIVE: Solid State Drives (SSD) are faster and are quickly replacing the standard hard drive.   
      • MINIMUM recommended size for a hard drive is 128GB. Anything less than that and you risk running out of space for storage and to run updates (Windows needs 8GB free for updates). 
      • The typical hard drive now is a 250GB SSD, though some people prefer 500GB to 1TB depending on how many photo and video files you plan to save.
      • If you purchase a 250GB SSD, you can always save files to online applications (OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) or external hard drives for additional storage.
    • RAM: 4GB to 16GB; 8GB is the standard; you can add more RAM later on most models.
    • MICROSOFT OFFICE 365: Microsoft Office is standard across most platforms and runs on all Windows and iOS enabled devices. As long as you are enrolled at WLC, you can take advantage of up to five free downloads of Microsoft Office for your personal devices. This includes the newest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., and is part of your WLC email account, which is on Office 365.
    • Wireless access and Bluetooth are standard in all laptops. Windows 10 is standard as well. 
    • ACCESSORIES: Students must supply their own network cables to connect to ethernet. We recommend that students have a surge protector on all computers used in campus housing. Inexpensive surge protectors ($20-$30) are available at most retail stores. For greater protection, consider purchasing an APC Back-UPS unit (starting at approximately $50). 

    • Availability of software in certain disciplines often determines what kind of computer will best meet a student's needs. Most academic programs at WLC use Windows-based PCs. However, Fine Arts and Music majors tend to use Mac computers. Wisconsin Lutheran College fully supports both environments.
    • We recommend that you stay away from Chromebooks. They do not necessarily support Microsoft Office and are not compatible with some of the software you might need to use while on campus.
    • For students interested in pursuing nursing, Chromebooks, iPads, and tablets are not compatible with software that is required in nursing classes.


    Wisconsin Lutheran College is a residential campus in a suburban setting. Parking on campus is limited; permits are required. Please refer to the WLC Parking page for the student motor vehicle policy and municipal parking regulations. 


    FRESHMAN RESIDENT STUDENTS: Upperclassmen have first priority for on-campus parking permits. Resident freshmen receive last preference for available parking on campus.

    FRESHMAN COMMUTER STUDENTS: Parking is available for all commuters from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. on a first-come, first-served basis in the Parking Center on Wisconsin Avenue. A copy of the vehicle's registration and a valid driver's license are required to obtain an annual commuter parking permit (cost: $5).


    WLC does not sell textbooks on campus, so you need to order your books online before coming to campus. Textbook information is listed with your courses on myWLC (Academics/My Courses). Click on the plus sign (+) next to a course number to see the titles and ISBN.  

    Use the ISBN to order your textbooks from any online source (such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chegg, or AbeBooks). Remember that the textbook price showing with your course is the list price for new books. You may rent or buy used books unless the professor has specified a need for new books (primarily for workbooks and lab manuals). 

    If you are unsure of what to order, email your professor from your WLC email account with questions.

  • Upcoming WOW Events

    No upcoming events are available.